Fun in the Sun (Fishing Component)


Title of Project:

Fun in the Sun (Fishing Component)

Sponsored By:

United Way, Santa Barbara Bass Club, Santa Barbara Sportfishing Club, Carpinteria Sportfishing Club, Santa Barbara Fly Fishers, Channel Fishing Club

Project Description:

Through the United Way's existing program, Fun in the Sun, the goal of this program is to expose children to both the fresh and saltwater environments both on and off the water.  From the first week in July through the first week in August children from 2nd to 6th grade are invited to attend nature tours on and around Lake Cachuma as well as fishing excursions on the Goleta Pier, both located in Santa Barbara County.  There were a total of 14 trips, each lasting 2-3 hours.

Physical Requirements:

For each outing, 3-7 volunteers are needed to assist.  Volunteers come from fishing clubs mentioned above.  For fishing trips, United Way supplied 22 fishing rods/reels. Head volunteer Whitney Uyeda, maintains all tackle.


No permits were required for this project.


Aside from volunteers, there were no personnel. Lake Naturalists Liz Mason and Assistant Naturalist Melissa Kelly gave guided tours of Lake Cachuma.


Other agencies involved in transporting children to and from locations were Girl Scouts of Central Coast, Girls Inc. of Carpinteria and Santa Barbara.

Estimated Costs:

One time start up costs: Whitney Uyeda, head volunteer, has supplied all fishing line and tackle for fishing equipment.  Approximately $300-500 in start up costs.

Continuing Costs:

Each year, tackle will need to be replaced.  Estimated replacement costs $250-350 annually.

Estimated Time Requirements: 2-3 hours per outing.

Difficulties Encountered:

The biggest difficulty for this project was transportation. The lead agencies , Girl Scouts and Girls Inc., encountered problems with funding to transport children from the agency site to lake Cachuma or Goleta Pier.  Communication between agencies and transportation providers sometimes resulted in a canceled trip.


According to Whitney Uyeda, the benefit to this program was to give local children (most of them "inner city" kids) access to a new environment that was so close to their own home.  Allowing the children to become stewards of the natural environment was the highlight for all of the volunteers to see.


Whitney Uyeda: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


United Way?Girls Inc. of Carpinteria and Santa Barbara?Girl Scouts of the Central Coast

Conservation Officer for The Sportfishing Conservancy?Jenny Armstrong (949) 813-7831?This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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