Marina Del Rey Anglers Youth Fishing Program

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Marina Del Rey Anglers Youth Fishing Program

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Marina Del Rey Anglers

Project Description:

The Marina Del Rey Anglers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sport fishing and conservation club centered in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. They participate in marlin tournaments around the world, volunteer countless hours taking inner city children fishing, raises fingerlings in the fish grow out pen now in the marina, and sponsors events and activities to fund other environmental projects and organizations.  The club has approximately 100 members with meetings once a month.

The Club is well known for the Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby,a fishing tournament that has been going on for the past 35 years and has become one of the largest fishing tournaments on the West Coast.

The Marina Del Rey Youth Fishing Program has become the largest Youth Fishing Program on the West Coast, taking more than 1,000 disadvantaged and at risk youth on catch and release trips each year. The MDR Youth Fishing Program consists of approximately 40 ½ day trip in the months of July and August. The aim of each individual trip is to raise environmental consciousness among the youth.

Physical Requirements:

The physical needs for the two months of activities come in the way of volunteers needed to assist on each of these 40 half day trips.  Shimano donates fishing rods/reels to MDRA for these trips. Local tackle stores donate terminal tackle to be used on the trips.


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No permits are required for these events. Permission from various agencies to assist in taking children out is required.


At least 4-5 volunteers, or "fishing mentors", accompany the youth on these trips.  These members help the children to learn about fishing technique, conservation, and the marine environment in general.

Estimated Costs:

The costs for these trips runs well into the thousands of dollars each season. The majority of the funding comes from the annual MDR Halibut Derby. The proceeds from this tournament go towards the Youth Fishing Program.  Monies are also raised and used from private donations and donations from various local businesses.

Estimated Time Requirements:

Each of the ½ day trips consists of approximately 6-8 hours. With over 40 trips each season this is a time commitment of 240-320 hours just in the trips. This does not include the time it takes to contact landings to organize trips and agencies to coordinate youth participation.

Difficulties Encountered:


The biggest difficulty in the past few years has been burn out amongst club volunteers on trips. With a minimum of 5 volunteers needed per trip and over 40 trips condensed into two short months, there is not always enough volunteer help. The regular volunteers experience "burn out" and the club would like to improve upon this.


As with most youth fishing trips, the benefits come from watching the kids experience the joys that fishing and being on the water bring. Being that these trips are strictly catch and release, it instills a conservation ethic amongst all of the children that participate.  The volunteers find it especially rewarding to see repeat youth back on the water, showing what they have learned on previous trips.


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