Joint Committee on Fisheries takes testimony on Fish and Game Upgrade


Treanor Report Author, Wakeman Chronicles Success of Pacific Rim Agencies

Sacramento:  With a state budget crisis looming, the California legislature's Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture convened a special panel to report on both the state's Fish and Game Commission (Commission) and Department of Fish and Game (Department).

April Wakeman, an author of the "Treanor Report", testified eloquently to the legislators on the problems the Department faces in light of increased mandates.  Providing relevant background on both the Commission and the Department, she carefully chronicled their predicament along with other, innovative approaches that other Pacific rim states have adopted.

"The Department of Fish and Game has been handed vast responsibilities in managing California's natural resources, yet limited financial help to get this done," said April Wakeman, Program's Director for The Sportfishing Conservancy.  "Creating a citizen's panel to take an analytical look at both the Commission and the Department is essential to safeguard resources and habitat.  While both the Commission and the Department do incredible work with their limited resources, it is time to look at other successful agencies if we are to give our team a better chance to succeed," she added.



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