Warden's Stamps

Warden's Stamps

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The Sportfishing Conservancy again showed its support for California's Fish and Game Wardens by purchasing 100 Warden Stamps. SportCon wrote the language that created the stamp in 2009 which provides funds to the wardens for training and equipment that isn't included in the severely cut Fish and Game budget. Warden Stamp sales in 2010 exceeded $60,000. That isn't a large number but the equipment purchased was much appreciated.

Jenny Armstrong, SportCon's Conservation Officer, again will be visiting clubs to talk about the Warden Stamps and other Sportfishing

Conservancy programs. She is often accompanied by a warden (often both the two and four legged variety) to get the story out about what difficulties the wardens experience in the field. These stories leave us amazed at what our wardens do.


Warden Stamps can be purchased using an on line form found at or at Department of Fish and Game offices.  Jenny usually has a supply of stamps available for purchase when she visits the clubs.  You can arrange a visit by calling Jenny at (949) 813-7831.


Governor signs "Warden's Stamp" to give outdoorsmen opportunity to support those who put their lives on the line.

CALIFORNIA (October 12, 2009) - Governor Schwarzenegger has signed legislation that will help provide California's hard-pressed game wardens with some welcome relief. AB 1442 will among other things allow the Department of Fish and Game to offer a "Warden's Stamp," generating funds for under-funded programs that help train and equip state wardens.

"California fishermen and hunters have long complained about the way Sacramento has treated wardens. Now we as sportsmen have the chance to put our money where our mouth is," said Tom Raftican of The Sportfishing Conservancy, one of the bill's sponsors. "With nearly two million licensed anglers in California, we can really get behind those folks who put their lives on the line protecting our great outdoors," he added.

The $5 stamp, which will be sold alongside hunting and fishing licenses, will be voluntary and will not generate pay directly for the wardens, but will help fund special equipment for them, help in their advanced training and provide some family benefits that the state no longer can afford.

"Anglers have persistently led the fight for conservation and wardens have tirelessly protected California's resources," said April Wakeman, programs director for The Sportfishing Conservancy. "Great fishing depends on great resources," she added.

The warden stamp will be an optional donation when sportsmen purchase hunting or fishing licenses beginning January 2010.


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