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Water.Boats.Bass celebrates the convergence of the public’s need for water resources and needs of bass fishermen. Diamond Valley Lake is a manmade impound managed by the Metropolitan Water district. Diamond Valley Lake is great habitat for a large number of fresh water species, including largemouth bass, small mouth bass, striped bass, rainbow trout, bluegill and redear sunfish, carp, and both blue and channel catfish. Diamond Valley Lake represents a huge asset to the southern California fishing community.

Bass fishermen benefit from access to these waters. Diamond Valley Lake is a real jewel of an asset for the bass fishing public. Help us advance this mission and follow Water.Boats.Bass on social media and have a chance of winning great monthly prizes. Help us get more bass fishermen to follow Water.Boats.Bass on social media. Water.Boats.Bass helps support bass fishermen by helping increase bass fishing opportunities.

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Beside the win that bass fishermen get by widely celebrating Water.Boats.Bass, spread the word by sharing this website and individual posts. For each follow or subscription you sign up for you you earn another chance at winning every month. Each month the team will select one of the five subscription/follow services (4 social media pages and the newsletter subscription list) and select a winner from only that list. Winner will be announced on all the lists. Click on the Green Icons along the right side of every page and follow or subscribe to each service to maximize your chances of winning. You can also follow us using the colorful icons near the top of this page.

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Go fishing at Diamond Valley Lake and win in our Trophy Catch Program. Catch a large bass and win great prizes. Participate all year long to build a stringer of larger bass and win even more. Supporting Water.Boats.Bass is not only rewarding but its fun.

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