Water.Boats.Bass is a joint effort by The Sportfishing Conservancy and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to bring attention to the importance of and the opportunities arising from water resources in southern California. The mission of The Sportfishing Conservancy is Recognizing that with privilege comes responsibility, the mission of The Sportfishing Conservancy is to empower sportsmen to fulfill and celebrate their commitment to their sport and to real world conservation. The mission of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is “to provide its service area with adequate and reliable supplies of high-quality water to meet present and future needs in an environmentally and economically responsible way.” 

Diamond Valley Lake is the largest reservoir in southern California. The lake which began operations in the year 2000 is a key component in ensuring water reliability for 16 million southern Californians.

Water.Boats.Bass is designed to fulfill parts of the missions of the two organizations that overlap. We intend to do that by celebrating bass fisherman at Diamond Valley Lake. We believe fisherman at Diamond Valley Lake are the key to sustainability and clean water. This group is passionate about the sport and has deep care about our reservoir. By recognizing their passion and care for the reservoir we can continue to promote great reservoir care.

We will celebrate bass fisherman by rewarding them. Programs that allow fisherman to collect rewards is one way we will celebrate bass fisherman. A program that allows them to be competitive any day they are on Diamond Valley Lake is another way. Providing our bass fisherman with information about events at opportunities at Diamond Valley Lake will allow them to take full advantage of the reservoir. Tips and tricks at Diamond Valley Lake to help them catch more and bigger fish will also be provided.

We would like to thank all who participate in our program. Without our Diamond Valley Lake anglers our reservoir would not nearly be the same. Thank you.


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